Legacy Systems Holding Back Advanced Analytics - Survey

When clients approach us, one of the first things we usually say is 'we can not do sophisticated analytics with our ancient systems'.

It's easy to understand why these business leaders and data heads believe this. In an IT ecosystem where 14% of business computers are  still running Windows XP , platforms may seem like prison cells.

A recent survey, conducted by  WBR Digital  found some 72% of companies think their legacy systems are holding them back from leveraging advanced analytics.

Costly upgrading

The usual next step is to think you need a huge investment to overhaul your systems to compete with startups that have the advantage of initially investing in modern systems.

Technology moves fast with new solutions and tools popping up all the time so it's easy to feel left behind.

End to End analytics, from data mining to visualization, requires a combination of technology solutions. But for many medium and large companies, what to invest in and choose to be confusing and costly as they feel restricted by their legacy systems.

Top six questions we're most often asked:
  1. Do I need to invest in a new data warehousing / mining solution? 
  2. How about software for predictive analytics?
  3. What to choose to visualize the data?
  4. How long should I commit to these solutions?
  5. How long would it take to make all these migrations and adaptations?
  6. What will be the expertise and maintenance costs?

These challenges may not be as difficult as you might think, even with legacy systems. In a world of APIs, open sources and license base, there is plenty of choice and adaptability to build a strong end-to-end practice without getting a huge bill. 

Interestingly, only 10% of respondents are moving towards open source when it comes to new tools and technology. It is predicted in coming years that we will see increasing numbers of companies adopting open source and shifting their investment towards services instead.


At  SalesBI  we pride ourselves on having a technology agnostic approach, we are not a slave to a product or single solution and do not have an agenda to sell a predetermined solution. 

We help our customers to design an end-to-end architectural framework that, vitally, can coexist with legacy systems and make the business intelligence process fast and affordable. We select top market technology solutions, considering factors such as: scalability, user experience, integration with internal IT systems and what end users expect.

After the solution is built, we either maintain it as a service or it can quickly be handover to an IT department with marginal maintenance costs. The technology or user preferences change the model can be adapted.

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Aug 01, 2017